Rice, Cinnamon, Dried Currants and Nuts Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

There are many ingredient options to fill Cabbage Rolls. Unfortunately, meat is used in many places. However, in order to prepare this delicious veggie dish, no need to kill any living beings. Besides, meat free option is yummier. Sharing my favorite one: Filled with Rice, Cinnamon and Nuts. I can’t claim it is easy to prepare. However, it deserves!


2 cups rice (risotto rice type)
2 tablespoon pine nuts (or you can use walnuts too)
2 tablespoon dried currants
1/2 tablespoon cinnamon
3 cups boiled water (for filling)
1/2 cup chopped parsley
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 garlic bulb



Cabbage Leaves Preparation:
Put water into pan and boil it and add 2 orange slices (it will make your cabbage leaves yummier).



Wash your cabbage and cut the root of cabbage (in this way, you will be able to separate leaves).
Put your cabbage in the boiling water and boil it 10 minutes. Then, turn it and let other side to be boiled too. Cook 10 minutes more.
Then, drain it by using filter. Allow cabbage to come to room temperature for 15 minutes.
Then remove the leaves.


Wash rice to clean it and drain it by using filter.
Put olive oil and pine nuts and stir until pine nuts’ color turn to golden (3-5 minutes).
Add chopped onions and continue to stir until they become softer (5-7 minutes).  

Add your rice and stir shortly too.
Add boiled water.

Add dried currants and stir.
Reduce heat, close the pan and let rice to be cooked until rice absorbs water. (Around 15 minutes. Rice need to not too soft not too hard).

Add cinnamon and let it to come to room temperature.

When it comes to room temperture, add chopped parsley too and stir.


If your cabbage is cold enough, start to separate your cabbage leaves.
In order to prepare your cabbage leaves to roll, you need to remove their hard veins in the middle and use only soft part of leaves.
Everyone has different rolling style. Personally I don’t care how it looks; I only make sure that each roll is closed appropriately. Otherwise, while cooking, they can be separated.

First, cover the surface of pan with cabbage leaves you didn’t use and add your cabbage rolls.
Add boiled water and orange juice (water shouldn’t be above from cabbage rolls. Use very less water. Just put enough water to make sure it won’t be burned. You already put leaves on the bottom to minimize this risk) and put orange slices on celery pieces. Close the pan.

Cook it around 40 minutes. Eat it when it comes to room temperature.