Artichokes. One of my favorite vegatables.However it was always scary for me becuase I didn’t know how to trim it. I tried once. Unfortunately, I threw them away because I couldn’t get its hearth.


I don’t like taste of tanned version. Therefore artichokes was my dream food since it is very hard to find restaurants serving fresh artichokes.  However, yesterday, I saw them in supermarket. I suddenly decided to try again, This time, I watched this video on YouTube. The result was successful. If you know how to do, preparing artichokes is very easy. I did everything the same. The only difference, I cut the twigs.

Below recipe is Aegean region specialty. You should try!!


4 artichokes

1/2 finely chopped onion (you can use food processor)

1 garlic bulb

3 tablespoons virgin olive oil

Boiled water


Prepare water in a big cup and fill it with water (room temperature) for  artichokes. Put half lemon and 1 teaspoon salt into water (just after you cut artichokes, you should put them into this water. otherwise, your artichoke hearts will turn to black color)

Shell fresh beans and wash.

Wash carrots and take off dirty skins and then cut your carrots (it needs to be in the same size with your beans or smaller but not bigger)

Put olive oil and chopped onions into pan and stir onions until they become softer and their color turn to golden (5-7 minutes)

Add beans, carrots and stir around 7-8 minutes more. Close the heat.


Put artichokes into another pan and fill your artichokes with ingredients you prepared.


Add boiled water (water needs to be roughly 0.5 cm below from artichokes. Your artichokes shouldn’t swim in water. In other words, water needs to be enough just to make sure artichokes will not be burned).

Reduce the heat and close the pan.

Cooking time depends on your pan you use. If you have pressure pan like me, I think you know how much time it needs. Overall, it takes 10 minutes maximum. If you use pot, it takes around 30 minutes (you can take and taste one fresh bean).

When it is cooked, open the pan and allow artichokes to come to room temperature for 15 minutes.

Add salt and put it into fridge.

Eat cold.

Enjoy :