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Fava beans (also known as broad bean, vicia faba)…..

Fava beans can be consumed either fresh or dried. In Egypt, they cook  very famous breakfast dish with dried fava beans which is called Full Madame. There are too many other recipes which you can cook with fresh or dried Fava beans. I will show some others in the future too.


However, today, my recipe is Aegean See Style Fava Bean Puree. I recently ate it a restaurant in Foca, Izmir, on the Aegen sea coast. Then, I recognized that I focused on hummus too much and ignored this amazing taste and decided to try at home.

I think it can be the biggest competitor of Hummus.

Ingredient (for 2 people):

  • 250 gram dried Fava Beans
  • 1/2 medium size carrot (optional)
  • 1/4 medium size onion
  • 1 tablespoons olive oil
  • ½ bunch finely chopped drill


  • Put dried fava beans into water the night before you cook (or if you dont have time, just put fava beans into boiled water  and wait 15 min. Then, drain them. )
  • Below picture shows it is ready to take of the skin easily.


  • You can just use your hand and remove the skin easily. You dont have to remove the skins but then your puree will not be smooth but the taste will be almost the same.


Then, wash and drain them again and  your fava beans are ready to cook.


  • Put them into pot, add onion and carrot (carrot is optional. I tried both with carrot and without carrot . Still not sure which one I liked more but if you really want to have fava beans’ taste or if it is your first time that you try fava beans, don’t add carrot as it gives its sweet taste and change original fava bean’s taste. Actually I prefered carrot instead of adding sugar as in its original recipe, they add sugar that I don’t prefer to use).
  • Then, add boiled water, water needs to be around 1 cm above the fava beans, close the pot and cook around 30 minutes in low heat. Don’t forget to check the beans regularly. If water is not enough, you can add more while it is being cooked. If you think water is too much, just cook  a little bit more.
  • When it is cooked, make them in a creamy texture by using hand blender.
  • Add 1/2 tablespoon olive oil and salt.
  • You can put them into the mold (like what I did below) or put them into a deep plate but before,  spread the other 1/2 tablespoon olive oil into mold or plate.


——- also one more visual from last week 🙂