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Hummus is very easy to cook. You just need chickpeas, garlic, lemon and tahini. If you cook it by yourself, you can decide the amount of garlic/lemon you will add based on your preference. For example, I like Humus with less garlic but stronger lemon taste.

Some golden rules I can give to you:

  • If you care your weight, don’t add too much tahini. Hummus taste is mainly coming from chickpeas along with garlic. Tahini is critical but less tahini doesn’t make a big change.
  • If you have time and if your mixer is not gut enough , I recommend you to remove the skin of chickpeas after they are cooked. If they are cooked well done put them into colander and just softly press chickpeas by your hand and move your hand slowly. You will see many skins are automatically removed from the chickpeas. Nevertheless, it takes time and at the end, if you remove the skin, your humus looks smoother but there is no change in taste.
  • I recommend you to use pressure pan because chickpeas need time to be cooked well. If you don’t have it, put them into water one day before. If they stay in water around 12 hours beforehand, it will decrease your cooking time significantly.


I am writing my humus recipe but as I said “try again and again and discover your own taste”:

Ingredient (for 4 people):

2 cup dried chickpeas
Half tablespoon tahini
1 garlic bulb
1/4 cup tablespoon water (water is needed to produce a smooth puree. if the water is not enough, you can add)
Juice of 1 lemon (first add the half of lemon juice and try, if you like stronger lemon taste, you can add the other half  )


  • Clean the chickpeas and put them into pan and add water (water amount depends on your pan. For pressure pan, my measure is “the water needs to be 1 cm above the chickpeas”) and cook them over medium heat. They need to be well cooked.
  • Drain the chickpeas in a colander and rinse.
  • Put everything in a food processor and begin to process.



Enjoy !



And you don’t have to eat your hummus only as appetiser.  I like to eat hummus at breakfast. I just cook my hummus the day before and create different recipes with my hummus for breakfast.  It is just your creativity. One example that is my breakfast favorite recently:

  • I washed purslane leaves and combined them with olive oil and vinegar.
  • Spread hummus evenly onto one slice of bread using a knife.
  • Put purslane leaves on it. You can add olive too and it is ready.