Vegan Lahmacun

Türkçe tarifi için tıklayınız

Lahmacun is a very old dish that looks like pizza but ingredients are completely different. There is no cheese in it. Its main ingredients are minced meat, parsley, onion, salça (mixture of tomato and red pepper paste or only one) and oil. The other ingredients may vary from region to region. In some regions, for example, they also put garlic.

I tried with soy meat and the result was wonderful.  Thanks to soy meat as I am able to eat Lahmacun again :).

Some tips:

  • The dough needs to be very thin still after it is baked. Therefore, no yeast is used.
  • It shouldn’t be cooked too long. Originally, it is cooked in stone oven in high temperature. In homemade version, (if possible) put your Lahmacun directly to the bottom side of your oven.


Ingredient (for 5/6 pieces): 

For dough:
2 coffee cup flour
1 tsp salt

For topping: 
1 coffee cup soy meat
1 small size onion
1 tsp red pepper paste + 2 tsp tomato paste
Finely chopped parsley


  • First put dried soy meat into a small pot/big water glass and add hot water (water needs to be 1 cm above the soy meat). Soy meat will absorb the water.
  • In a bowl, mix the flour and salt, add water and knead it to develop dough.
  • When you have soft dough, cover it and let it to rest (1/2 hours).
  • Put olive oil and chopped onions into pan and stir onions until they become softer and their color turn to golden (5-7 minutes).
  • Add red pepper and tomato paste and stir again.
  • Add soy meat and reduce the heat. Keep stiring 5/6 minutes.
  • When it comes to room temperature, add parsley.
  • Preheat oven to 230 degrees and start to prepare topping.img_8642
  • Take your dough and prepare medium round shaped thin dough.
  • Spread your topping ingredients evenly onto the breads.
  • Put them into the oven into the bottom side (if possible, put your oven tray directly to the bottom side of oven) and bake them for around 7/8 minutes.